Date Export

Mirab knowledge company with years of experience in international business peremptory fruit and agricultural products, is one of the leading companies in the export of Iranian dates. The major markets for export of palm Aguero, India, Pakistan, Turkey and Russia.

Saffron Export

Iran is the world's largest producer of saffron, due to climate variability, many garden and agricultural products such as saffron Iran, with excellent quality. In recent years, Iranian saffron production has grown significantly that a large part of this production is exported. Saffron from Iran is the most important crops, industrial crops and because of its economic importance, Red Gold was named. So now ready to export this valuable product knowledge peremptory mirab to all countries of the world.

Export tuna

Company mirab peremptory knowledge to develop their activities in foreign markets and increase exports of canned tuna acted. The company tries to identify needs in accordance with export markets canned tuna to supply the product in the market. The company also pays special attention to regional markets and the Persian Gulf, and exports to these countries in the company's history there.

Export of Canned

Canned products and canned products to anywhere in the world you want to take your order has been issued peremptory Myknym.shrktdansh mirab direct business relationship with merchants, most countries have great experience in international business has achieved.

Export of dried fruits

The beginning of the consulting firm Emmert mirab necessary knowledge in this area according to the type of products you offer and then exports it to different countries.