Iron ore exports

Iron ore is an ore containing iron veins with iron smelting process and recovery will be separated. Mirab knowledge peremptory company has the ability through its business partners worldwide Bhnqat iron ore extracted by mine owners to export.

Export of cement - clinker

China, the largest producer of cement in the world and Iran are fourth cement producer. India and America also rank second and third, respectively. After Iran, which has earned fourth place, Brazil and Turkey, the world's fifth largest cement producers in 2013, respectively. Russia, Vietnam, Japan, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Egypt, Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand, Germany, Pakistan and Italy were followed by the largest cement producers. Most of clinker production, by China with 1 billion and 900 million tonnes, India with 280 million tons and 105 million tons Generate America about 80 million tons of clinker.

Export Gypsum - Gypsum

Gypsum is a very soft mineral paint compressed calcium sulfate dihydrate will get two. Company Emmert made it possible to produce knowledge mirab you to all parts of the world, especially the Middle East issue.