Urea Export

Urea nitrogen is the most famous and most particularly cereal plants, fertilizer is considered good, does not leave any residual salt in the soil and the soil salt concentrations did not change. More than 70% of total world production of urea is used in agriculture and the rest in the production of melamine powder, animal feed additives, medical expenses and so on. If you require further information, please contact us to export urea.

Export Methanol

Our services are specialized Bashd.sadrat their goods peremptory do business with mirab professionals.

Export of Ammonia

Ammonia nitrogen is the most important hydrogenated compound of nitrogen in nature is obtained from decomposition of organic matter. Given the high potential of the country in Tvlydayn product knowledge mirab Emmert is ready to work with producers to export it.

Exports of Polypropylene

Among the main products are ethylene and propylene petrochemical base that extra value, such as gas and naphtha are more than petrochemical raw materials. But in the meantime, polypropylene, due to different supply and demand situation requires a special look. In recent years much attention to the producers of ethylene, propylene been to expand ethylene production in the face, especially when the most important methods of producing propylene glycol is produced in large amounts. The trade mirab knowledge now ready to work with manufacturers to export this product are announced.

Oil exports

Company knowledge mirab Emmert, in the preparation, supply and export of petroleum products including diesel (gas oil), bitumen production (refinery Jay and Pasargadae, etc.) and Gylsvnayt (also called bitumen and bitumen) through internal and external sources and is actively developing its activities in order to further develop and achieve market is global.

Oil exports

Fuel oil or fuel oil is a petroleum hydrocarbons in the refining of crude oil and gasoline and kerosene obtained after the ether, and since black is also known as black oil. This material bath furnace and ovens for bakeries cheapest fuel for diesel engines and power plants. Company knowledge mirab peremptory ready to work with manufacturers to export this product.

Export Bitumen

Pitch black and paste substance that has many applications such as asphalt. Bitumen different types, each of which has specific applications and oil derivatives are often produced in oil refineries. Company knowledge mirab peremptory possibility of exporting this product to all countries in the region and several European countries and in Africa.