Export ingots

The company in line with the delivery of the mineral soil to harvesting the plants, the soil turned to bullion contract on Vshmsh act from this place into the neighboring countries exports.

Copper exports

Emmert mirab knowledge enables companies to copper ingots manufacturers with the best consumer countries around the world, especially in Asia.

Export of aluminum ingots

Since Iran has the world's largest aluminum production plants in the Middle East, the company's products are mainly exported to countries. Our company as a major source of aluminum and aluminum products as well as export sales of these products, which includes a variety of ingots, construction and industrial profiles, billets, slabs and other items, is active.

Steel billet exports - iron

Mirab knowledge peremptory company active in the field of export of iron to the countries of the Middle East. Company mirab peremptory knowledge in the field of export and sell iron Pbshrv most prestigious place for your loved ones is achieved commercial contracts. For more tips and advice, please contact us.